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Duong Saree


One of Cambodia's most esteemed female painters, Doung Saree (b.1957) studied Plastic Arts at the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Phnom Penh. The arrival of the Khmer Rouge cut short this education, and she was forced into exile in Preah Vihear province for seven years. She returned to Phnom Penh in 1982 to continue her studies, and also began teaching at RUFA and the Reyum Institute. Over the last decade her profile has steadily increased; her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and in 2010 she was awarded the inaugural You Khin Memorial Women's Art Prize.

Saree defines herself as a traditional painter, both in choice of subject matter and in style. Her oeuvre is largely composed of acrylic and watercolour landscapes on canvas, frequently depicting domesticity in Khmer culture. Her references to Khmer folklore, and use of clearly outlined flat-fields of colour, are tropes typical of early modern Cambodian painting. Of particular note in this series is Saree's strong use of colour: a vivid celebration of the exuberance and diversity of our surrounding environment.

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