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ZXEROKOOL is the art moniker of Jonathan Leong, a Singapore based intergalactic ninja, practitioner of visual kung-fu and creative mayhem. His work can be described as a hyperkinetic blend of popular culture, digitalism, fantasy, science fiction, comic books and contemporary mythology. He has been commissioned by brands such as Nike, MTV, Tiger Beer and New Balance to create visual art projects and experiences. Under the ZXEROKOOL mantle, he furthers his practice which investigates humanity’s fascination with identity, the persona, and explores the psychosis of mankind’s fascination with alternate realities, mythology, artificially constructed environments and the dynamics of curated identity in a ‘phygital’ era where the lines of representation, veracity and thought have become more unpredictable, multilayered and in a constant state of flux. ZXEROKOOL will have his first solo exhibition in New York at the Reed Space sometime in late 2012 / or early 2013.

Unexhibited Artworks


  • New Year Goodies

    Dates: 18 Jan 2012 - 30 Jan 2012

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