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Jacqueline Ng


Jacqueline Ng developed her interest in ceramics after being inspired by her brother, the late Dr Ng Eng Teng. Ceramics has since become her passion and enjoyment. WIth an eye for shapes, textures and details, her artistic works are inspired by the beauty and intricacies of nature, life and a wide range of subject matter that triggers her interest and imagination.

After retiring from teaching, Jacqueline Ng studied ceramics under the late Dr Ng Eng Teng between 1988 and 1993. She furthered her art education in Australia where she attended Clay-Sculpt, a wood-firing workshop at Gulong, Australia in 1995 as well as the 8th National Ceramics Conference Conference and the International Ceramic Workshop in Canberra in 1996.

Since 1989, Jacqueline has participated in a number of group exhibitons including Claytvity '89 with the late Dr Ng Eng Teng and his group of students, Claytivity '91, '96 and 2000, Sculpture in Singapore (1991), Children of the Soil (1992), Teawares by 14 Potters (1993), Recent Clayworks (1995), Art Etcetera's Fine Arts and Ceramics Exhibition (1996), Nokia Singapore Art '99, Inspiration of the Sea (2001), Ceramitivity - The Second Statement (2002), Figure and Form (2003) and her solo exhibition Clay Sculptures (2003) at the NUS Centre for the Arts. The other exhibitions were held at the Goethe Institute Art Gallery, National Museum Art Gallery, the Substation Art Gallery, the Gallery at Raffles Marina Atrium, Singapore Art Museum and the University Cultural Centre Gallery Studio.

Unexhibited Artworks


  • 20B Mosque Street: Breaking In

    Dates: 15 Mar 2012 - 25 Mar 2012

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