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Zhang Kexin


Zhang Kexin was born in Harbin, China in 1957.

In 1982, Graduates from the art department of Harbin’s Pedagogical University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. 1989, works as the editor of Heilongjiang’s Provincial Fine Art Publishing House. His paintings were shown at Chinese national art exhibition during 1984 to 1989.

In 1992, takes part as a visiting scholar in an exhibition of modern Chinese ink and wash paintings organized by the Ministry of Culture of the former Soviet Union. Takes part in a symposium on contemporary Chinese culture held by the Research Institute of Eastern Countries of the Russian Academy of Science. Afterwards, he broke away from the governmental framework, and in 1992 he became a “nomadic artist”, pursuing his art career whiling traveling around the world. In the same year he held a touring exhibition in national art museums of all Eastern Europe countries. In March, he was honoured by Moscow’s Bieliayevo Museum of Modern Art as a guest artist.

In 2002, invited by Indian and Nepalese embassies, Zhang went to these two countries for an academic visit and communication on the subject of religious art. During the time, he wrote a lot of relevant theses about the Worshipping Red and carried on an experimental contemporary art practice in the following 3 years. Afterwards, he took other academic trips in counties like Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain at their request, and held his solo exhibitions there.

In 2003, he found the magazine Fine Art in Bangkok with himself being the vice editor, and has, all the time, been the director of a contemporary art column called International Special Report. Zhang was also the pioneer who devoted himself to and has already accomplished the establishment of an artistic link between China and the Southeast Asia. In 2012, he was invited by Thailand’s Silpakorn University as a Visiting Professor.

During the past nearly two decades, Zhang’s public image has been established as an outstanding artist with a distinctive style. Not only does he carry out various forms of art like installation, performance, digital imagery, painting, sculpture and new media, he also performs as a contemporary art critic and curator. He has written a great number of academic articles for several well-known international art media and has been the curator of many seriously themed exhibitions in major galleries.

Zhang has always been an active and influential figure on Chinese, Southeast Asian and international art stage. He has studios both in Beijing and Bangkok. Zhang Kexin now lives and works in Beijing and Bangkok.


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