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Ho Soon Yeen


I emerged in the Singapore art scene in 1992 with assemblage, installation and performance art, and a significant series of nude self-portrait gestural ink drawings, which were self-reflective and posed questions to the viewer on the social role of being a womyn.  As a result of personal and work commitments, my involvement in the art scene was intermittent.  A total hysterectomy made me re-assess my life and fall in love with it. 

A constant yearning and longing within guided me to return to the mode of expression I am most familiar with – Art.  The concept and theme of a subject would usually pique my interest first, and then the medium is chosen according to how best the idea can be expressed given different constraints.  Womyn issues, daily happenings and queries about life and society are still my topics for expression. Recently, I have been on the move quite a bit with my Macbook and camera, so photography has been the medium chosen to document some landmark facets of my life.  Photoshop was used to digitally-manipulate the composition, value, colour and texture of the symbolic subject matter to express the layers of realities and complexities of my journey.


  • Affordable Art Fair 2012

    Dates: 14 Nov 2012 - 18 Nov 2012

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