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Paul Hilario


Paul Hilario was born with the soon-to-prove proverbial, so he hopes, silver fork in his brain. The super-conductive fork tines send visual electric currents into his right brain, enabling his hand to spread paint onto canvas sometimes convulsively, certainly variably, always creatively.

The painter paints from life, both physical and intellectual. He relishes in making art for the senses and with sensibilities.  He enjoys making art that tickles your mind, some analytical, evocative, and most often with underlying stories that he creates from his fertile mind.

For his painting methods, Paul travelled back to the Byzantine era (330 to 1453) to learn old-master techniques and then time-warped back to contemporary art times to mix in his own brand of art.

His first solo show, Videre Videnda, was held recently (2012) in Metro Manila. He has travelled to several Asian countries but his works have gone farther. They have found their way to collectors in Australia, Canada, Dubai, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, UK and the USA.

He believes that he will continue to paint until the day that his bladder can no longer hold his pee; even then, once able to purchase a nice latrine bag, he shall continue.  For the love of art. 


  • Persuasively Pinoy

    Dates: 14 Nov 2012 - 18 Nov 2012

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