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Maw Thu Da Nu


Blessed with a unique keen sense of colour and light, Da Nu’s works exude strong technical competence and offer a rich palate of vibrant colours. His works are honed by years of tutelage under highly respected teachers and artists such as U Mg Mg Soe, U Thein Shwe Kyi, U Kyaw Thu Rain, U Maung Oo, U Win Tint, U Than Kywe & U Win Pe Myint

Da Nu chooses to compose his works through the reflection of glass and mirrors so as to literally ‘reflect’ upon on the social, political and economic development in his country. The modern store window display and the growing population of luxury cars in Yangon, are no mere evidence of the growing wealth in Myanmar. In the eyes of Da Nu, they serve as his medium upon which he expresses his concern of the impact of capitalism and consumerism on his beloved country.

As much as he appreciates the benefits of economic growth on improving the living conditions of his people, he is equally concerned about the cost of rapid development. He certainly hopes that people appreciates the visual aesthetic of his works of reflection, but more importantly, he wishes that they will also perhaps take a moment to reflect upon the reflection within.

Unexhibited Artworks


  • Fast Cars and Dangerous Women

    Dates: 11 Jul 2013 - 21 Jul 2013

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