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Lee Meiling


Lee Mei Ling graduated with First Class Honours in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, USA in 1997; with a major in Fibre Art and a minor in painting as well as in ceramics.

Due to her training in different disciplines, she has demonstrated immense versatility in the use of materials and a rare ambition in her technical expressions. Frequently employing techniques of the textile traditions and experimenting with new materials, Mei Ling’s works reveal a dazzling depth that appeals not just to the senses but to one’s inner soul as well.

Her preoccupation with the theme of life’s unpredictability and transience is echoed in the timeless fluidity of her work and has seen her working with ephemeral materials and related subject matters.

Mei Ling has participted in both solo and group shows in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the United States. Her works are widely collected and she is commissioned on various projects.


This artist has not yet exhibited.

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