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Michelle Chang


Michelle Chang (or Mysh, for short) has a unique body of captivating and vibrant cat-inspired art that has been well-received since her debut as an artist in 2002. Her previous CatmaSutra collections at Utterly Art Exhibition Space where she regularly showcases her work have almost always sold out.  Her work has been described by collectors and critics as "naive". Others draw comparisons with aboriginal or byzantine mosaic art. For Mysh, her technique which she simply calls "dotting" is a painstaking style that is at once therapeutic and magical. This, coupled with her explosive colours and dream-like landscapes make her work immediately appealing and popular.

Unexhibited Artworks


  • Affordable Art Fair 2013

    Dates: 20 Nov 2013 - 24 Nov 2013


    Dates: 15 Dec 2010 - 26 Dec 2010

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