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Ali Azraie Bebit


Born in 1985 in Johore, Mohd Ali Azraie Bebit graduated from the UiTM with a major in sculpture. He has participated in the Artist Residency Programme at the Iskandar Malaysia Contemporary Art Show (IMCAS) in 2009, and also obtained second prize in the Mekar Citra Competition 2010 at Shah Alam Gallery. His artworks reflact the imagination and influences of his childhood. He is interesed in cartoon icons and electronic systems in his artwork, and uses junk materials and collectible objects from all over which are transformed to create expressive unique characters. His art invites the viewer to enjoy and have fun observing the pieces.

He re-appropriates cartoon images such as Doraemon and Snoopy and by using metal autoparts, televisions etc to construct three dimensional kinetic works. The metals used are rough, spiked and textured, and are combined with digital and technology tools such as camera, TV, radio and lighting.

“My works reflect the imagination and influences of my childhood. They are my interpretation of robots and spacemen capable of flight and mischief. Rare and collectible objects (parts of machines) from all over are transformed to create expressive unique cartoon characters. Each piece is constructed so that they appear as natural and lifelike as possible.”

“…I invite the viewer to enjoy their individual personalities and have as much fun observing the pieces as I do creating them…”

Unexhibited Artworks



    Dates: 16 Feb 2011 - 27 Feb 2011

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