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Hoe Say Yong


Hoe Say Yong was born in 1956 in Yong Peng, a small town in Malaysia's most southern state, Johor. Prior to starting art school in 1975, Hoe Say Yong had very little interaction with formal art. Hoe Say Yong's upbringing was typically filled with the community engagement of his closely-knit family and the social environ that encompassed life in a small town.

Though starved of formal art exposure to the extent of not having even seen an art exhibition, the young Hoe Say Yong enjoyed drawing and painting and drew inspiration from the lush landscape that shrouded his environs. His closest brush with any art form was ironically, with his father who painted signboards for the local stores and advertising posters for the latest movies that were screened in the town's cinema. And upon completing school, he never wavered from his childhood vision to become an artist a choice supported by his father who stoically understood his son's aspirations.

With no basic knowledge of art and with only his drawing skills, nineteen year old Hoe Say Yong moved to Kuala Lumpur and was enrolled at the Kuala Lumpur College of Art in 1975, from where he graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art in 1977.

Unexhibited Artworks


  • Visions of Lightness

    Dates: 29 Apr 2011 - 08 May 2011

    Visions of Lightness

    Dates: 29 Apr 2011 - 08 May 2011

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