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Lim Soo Ngee


Currently a lecturer in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Lim Soo Ngee obtained his Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture) from Edinburgh College of Art – Heriot-Watt University, UK, in 1997. He is also a recipient of numerous awards, including the Andrew Grant Bequest and the James Clason-Harvie Bursary.

Lim's approach to sculpture is deeply personal. His research interest lies in using natural materials to explore different relationships between humanity, the environment and society, and his works often lend themselves to whimsical narratives that offer a commentary on the human condition.

Lim’s work has been exhibited widely both locally and internationally, and he is a regular contributor to many international sculpture symposiums, such as the inaugural International Woodcarving Symposium, Singapore in 2007 and the Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium 2009. His work was featured in the International Sculpture Symposium of the 11th Asian Art Festival and is now in the permanent collection of the Asian Sculpture Theme Park, Inner Mongolia, China.

Unexhibited Artworks


  • Visions of Lightness

    Dates: 29 Apr 2011 - 08 May 2011

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