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Malyn Bonayog
3in x 4in
Acrylic on canvas

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Chronic is a painting that depicts two images in two different layers, a child captured in a jumping position and a woman, floating in the air. People are bound to immortality of formulating new creations. A reborn of entities instilled in an artistic manner that shares the perpetuity of existence. The jumping position of the child signifies a temporary happiness and enjoyment of achieving her desires but once she reaches the top as conveyed by the woman in the air, gravity pulls her back to the ground. But this does not hinder her to achieve her desires; instead, this ignites her to jump higher than before, carefree and optimistic. Her burning passion to make her dreams into reality triggers a remarkable concoction beyond expectations that is limitless, boundless, and infinite.
The painting is a collaboration of distinct linear patterns and photographic optical views. Artist encompasses configurations through precise color and linear multi-layering techniques that boost the image perspective, giving emphasis to its visual language. Through Chronic, artist liberates the illusions of two images that challenge the observer for further scrutiny and profound impact beyond the lines and pigments.

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