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Time & Space - Sweet Memory 2

Time & Space - Sweet Memory 2

Wong Shih Yaw
122cm x 122cm
Acrylic on canvas

I was beginning to remember things when I was living in Toa Payoh.  My house was a three-room unit facing Guan Qian Cinema then.  My grandmother hired a Singapore nanny to take care of us (4 boys, and I am the third one) because my father, mother and her needed to go to work from early morning till late afternoon/evening.

In my K1 and K2 years, almost everyday I did not look forward to bath time because I was too afraid that the soap and water might enter my eyes, so half-way through the bath I always ended up running out of the toilet - all the way naked, heading for the living room...  When my grandmother came back from work and noticed me, she would cane me badly.

This time I input more details on the figures and the structure of the kitchen toilet.  As you can see, my nanny was holding a plastic ladle in the toilet. On the left side of the canvas, I also added another view where I could see from my home kitchen side-window; most of the time, I was able to see my kindergarten classmate - Wu Ming, who was living at 10th floor then.

This time I painted myself hidden under my grandmother's bed - to avoid my father - that was the time he caned me badly... I did not even know why he was always angry with me during that period??!! :-(

Another scene that I added in, was about frequently playing badminton 'with the wall' in the living room after school, and sometimes joined in by my second brother for a double-play. It happened once that I hit and broke my grandfather's photo glass-frame on the wall, which I denied and 'pushed' everything to my brother's doing...  However, of course finally my mother and grandmother somehow found out I was the culprit... :-( 

Painting along the way, I also added in my friend and his mother on the left side of the painting... :-)

The left bottom section shows the early days when many good drama TV programmes always started at night around 9pm+, and my parents and grandma would sit around the TV and watched.  I loved to watch them also (most of them being kungfu dramas), but that was also the time that my father commanded us to go to bed (because we needed to wake up early for morning school)...  So I resorted to viewing the shows secretly from the bedroom (I was the only one who did this) - through opening the bedroom door a little.  However, I was always caught by my father... :-(

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