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Lighten Our Load

Exhibiting Artists:

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 10 Feb 2012 - 29 Feb 2012

Concurrently, Utterly Art will be preparing for its move to our new gallery. After a long and exhaustive search, where we even toyed with the idea of a warehouse space, we have finally decided to move... across the road! We were very lucky in finding our fabulous, nicely renovated and spacious unit recently, thanks to Vera of Sogan & Art :) And it’s back in Chinatown, so you to don’t have to search very far for us! In fact, we haven’t even received the keys yet, so I’d better keep you in suspense a little longer, unless you visit us to LIGHTEN OUR LOAD!
We’ve accumulated nearly 11 years worth of stock, and while we have thankfully sold much of it over the years to you amazing clients, we still have quite a bit, and we’re very happy if you could adopt them at prices so reasonable, you’d just have to visit us to discover how wonderful. Now this CANNOT apply to secondary sales, price-controlled works or to works offered for sale this year in 2012, and ONCE they’ve been MOVED to the new gallery, it’s back to the usual modus operandi. Make us drag out the good stuff and give offers we can’t refuse! We get the keys Monday, and after minimal renovations, we will begin shifting stock, so catch them before they go!
Call Keng Hock at 94872006 for appointments. I’ll be running all over with the move, so it’s essential to call ahead. We will be CLOSED ON SUNDAYS until the first show at the new gallery.

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