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World of Whimsy

Exhibiting Artists: Lu Yifei, Frank Zhen, Paul Koh, William Sim, Mary Bernadette

Venue: F1 Pit Building > venue details

Dates: 14 Nov 2012 - 18 Nov 2012

Whimsical, charming, almost child-like art finds great resonance in Singapore, and can be wildly popular. Utterly Art has been fortunate to represent talented artists who exhibit with us annually, such as Paul Koh and his grinning cats and William Sim with his fantastical eco-cities and their denizens. Frank Zhen showcases merlions in Chinese papercuts and Lu Yifei's boy and fox involve themselves in diverse collaged fantasies.


  • Mary Bernadette


    Mary constantly seeks to draw out the fantastical and the bizarre in the ordinary world around her. She believes that in order to continually produce good design, one has to see the world with a childlike view; a tenacious hunger toexplore, innovate and recreate. She currently teaches children, art and is constantly inspired by their unsatiable curiosity, spontaneity and unbridled enthusiasm. Her works are also influenced by her love for nature and animals. She is now into her third year, com

    Paul Koh


    Ever since he was a child, Paul has been illustrating and drawing. Growing up with cats also means that his two passions are inextricably linked. He experimented with different forms of expressions (from portraiture and figurative to pop and abstract) before finding his element in his "Catmasutra" series, which inevitably continues the catty tales of his cats, Halo and Angel. His approach to art resembles the personality of the cat - playful, curious, unpredictable and quirky.

    Lu Yifei


    Singapore-based artist Lu Yifei hails from Jinan in Shandong Province, China. The common thread running through his works is Yifei's childhood fantasy world. He combines personalised sentiments about life with cartoon symbolism, with each character representing a different genre of heroism.

    William Sim


    William started painting under the guidance of pioneer artist Tan Puay Tee at the age of 10. Through his mentorship, William studied colour and form. Over the years he has experimented with various media, but nature as a thematic study has never left his canvas. The worlds William creates find their roots in happiness. The subjects of his paintings are a blend of nature and mechanical objects: they depict, singly and as collectives, dreamscapes where positivity reigns.

    Frank Zhen


    Art has been a passion for Frank Zhen since his youth, who would as a child spend hours drawing on paper. In the past few years, he has experienced an intense urge to paint to express his feelings, and has undertaken a number of short courses in painting from 2006 to 2011. His first solo exhibition Tales of the Red Merlion met with good media attention and commercial success.

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