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Checkered Dreams II

Exhibiting Artists: Randy "Andoi" Solon

Venue: ION Art Gallery > venue details

Dates: 03 May 2013 - 12 May 2013

The Checkered Dreams II of Randy Solon continues a series begun in Manila where a checkerboard motif is used as background to surreal imagery replete with mystical and spiritual symbolism. Executed in his trademark melancholic blue enlivened recently with reddish-brown, the high contrasts of light and shadow mirror the emotional tensions arising from twin duelling sides of human nature. Many subjects are given over to animals, pregnant with mysterious contents, such as roses in a zebra. A bound Houdini contrasts with a wrapped Venus, both in the shadow of a crucified Christ. Previously working in multiptychs of conjoined canvases, the series collapses this apparent three-dimensional pixellation into a flat plane, wherein perhaps the main titular appellation serves as a metaphor for the travails of the artist’s tumultuous journey.


  • Randy "Andoi" Solon


    Randy 'Andoi' Solon holds two degrees in the visual arts: a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Painting, at the University of the Philippines, and a Certificate in Advertising from the Philippines Women's University. Solon is the recipient of numerous awards from national art competitions. His works have featured in major SE Asian auctions.

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