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Street City Sky

Exhibiting Artists: Tilen Ti

Venue: Utterly Art 20B Mosque Street > venue details

Dates: 30 May 2013 - 09 Jun 2013

Tilen Ti makes no secret of his obsession with architecture. He feels that it is the architecture that makes a city a city, summing up its history and heritage, and charting its progress as it hurtles towards greatness.

Street City Sky is a celebration of the Singapore cityscape. In the years that he’s lived here, Tilen has come to love Singapore’s distinct, contrary architecture – ornate, time-worn shop houses hugging well-tarred streets; graceful colonial structures arm-in-arm with glass-and-metal monoliths; the odd skyscraper looming beyond verdant back-alleys. Through these vivid watercolours, Tilen explores the older streets of Singapore – Armenian Street, Duxton Hill, and Joo Chiat Road, to name a few – and uncovers in them the confluence of tradition and modernity, chaos and control, shadow and sunshine, street and sky.


  • Tilen Ti


    Tilen Ti does not believe in still life. His depictions of Singapore defy reality, rendered in colour that he senses rather than sees. Vividly awash with hues of every imaginable colour, his watercolours slyly turn familiar places into stranger, more flamboyant versions of themselves. Born in Raub, Pahang, Malaysia in 1969, he attended the Saito Academy of Art in Petaling Jaya, graduating in 1992. Three years after moving to Singapore for work, he started painting as a self-taught artist in 2009

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