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The Secret World of Seeds

Exhibiting Artists: Roberto Visani

Venue: The Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay > venue details

Dates: 01 Jul 2013 - 31 Jul 2013

“to see things in the seed, that is genius” - Lao Tzu

4000 is the number of seeds from the database of Roberto Visani where he picks the source for inspiration: a myriad of seeds, varieties from the most remote corners in the world, a secret world that emerges from the earth and  opens itself to us.  We get to pry into the world of an artist who moulds and brings to the surface the perfection of a seed, something that naturally sinks into the ground and whose roots weave secretive tales of their native land.

In a world where society is constantly thriving to achieve complex forms and  more and more sophisticated methods, with art movements like abstract art where the form is almost eradicated,  Roberto Visani tries to convey a sense of pureness by stepping back to the roots, unloading the form of all its adornments, bare and essential. He does so by forging his sculptures in bronze and ceramic, without altering the original shape of the seed, bur rather by celebrating it in scale.  His works represent a tribute to the power of nature, to that anticipation of creativity that amazes us in all ways: the sleek quality of bronze and the malleability of terracotta earthenware confer to the seeds an almost impalpable feeling of levity which clashes with the driving force that pushes them down the soil.

Roberto captures the seed in the moment before being swallowed by Mother Nature when it starts its journey of metamorphosis. Thus he fixes the color on the terracotta earthenware  and praises nature by  enlarging the seed, a notoriously tiny element at times very hard to be noticed by the human eye without a microscope. Roberto pays homage to Singapore with their national flower seed, the orchid, especially created for Gardens by the Bay, a place whose soul is inhabited by a blooming burst of life that conjures up an infinity of colours, perfumes and shapes: it's a symphony where  nature is an orchestra and the seeds are the instruments that play a harmonious sound that is reminiscent of fertile creativity and ancient wisdom that set themselves on the sinuous shapes of the domes like magic dust.

- Francesca Nannini, Curator


  • Roberto Visani


    Roberto Visani was born in Brescia in 1974 and lives and works in Brescia, Mantua, Carrara, Verona, Rome and Milan.He studied at the Caravaggio Arts Institutes of Brescia and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He has exhibited extensively throughout Italy, and this is his first solo show abroad.

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