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Flowery World II

Exhibiting Artists: Ling Yang Chang

Venue: Utterly Art 20B Mosque Street > venue details

Dates: 26 Sep 2013 - 06 Oct 2013

Flowery World II is an extension of the Flowery World series. In this series of works, Ling Yang Chang moves on from abstract forms of flowers and transits into a series where representation is key, and flowers are set in a still-life environment. Whilst the traditional medium of Chinese ink on rice paper remains the core of the paintings, Yang Chang exhibits his characteristic play of conventional Eastern strokes with dabs of Western art elements such as composition and depth. A number of these works are inspired and influenced by the French Impressionist Movement, while others derive their essence from contemporary ink painter Lin Fengmian.

This series is unique in its picturesque portrayal of vibrancy and abundance, where colours exuberate in the atmospheric feel of each painting. The artistic intent is simple and clear; to create a bright and cheerful emotion within the viewer.

The addition of contrasting subject matters to the flowers is a calculated and deliberate take on the dynamic between still objects. Through the immutable tension of static objects, each painting overwhelms with tirades of peaceful emotions; like that of the calm in the eye of the storm.

Flowery World II is a cornerstone of Yang Chang’s growth and journey as an artist, one that documents and explicitly displays an increased aptitude for the smooth amalgamation of Eastern touches and Western influences to present the viewer with a brand new experience and journey.


  • Ling Yang Chang


    Singaporean artist Ling Yang Chang discovered his affinity for traditional Chinese ink painting since his schooling days and has since immersed himself into a select plethora of art forms and mediums while staying true to his roots. A graduate in Chinese Studies and Economics at the National University of Singapore, recognition came early when he was selected for the Shell Discovery Exhibition of 1992, and obtained First Prize (Chinese Ink Painting) in the Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award

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