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Exhibiting Artists: Ronald Caringal

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 13 Feb 2008 - 24 Feb 2008

In this alternative Valentine'Â’s Day show, Philippine artist Ronald Caringal allows us to browse through selected pages of the diary of his heart. Depicting scenes from actual experiences he has had in his relationships, they are shown with tongue-in-cheek humour but also easily recognizable truths beneath. Dressed up like paper dolls by creating layers upon layers of how each of us would like to be seen, the characters play a different role for every person they come across, which in a sense cuts them off from who they really should be. They then find themselves in scenarios that they best try to control, live-through, grasp, and give meaning to.

Referenced from various fashion magazines, the models are executed in oil on canvas or wood, and placed on a white background which is designed to gradually yellow over time in the same way the pages of a diary will. The memory of the experience may grow vague, although it will never completely be lost. It remains embedded within the confines of our minds always ready to be reminisced, re-examined, and reclaimed.


  • Ronald Caringal


    Ronald Caringal (born 1980, Manila) studied Advertising Arts in the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines, and has participated in several group and solo shows in Manila, Singapore, New York and Milan. Formerly managing The Cubicle Art Gallery in Manila, his work has featured in books (Without Walls, Philippines Yearbook 2009: 61 Artists That Will Change the World), magazines (Contemporary Art Philippines, Metro, Imagine) and in auction in Hong Kong (Sotheby’s) and Singapore (33 Auction

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