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Personal Encounters

Exhibiting Artists: Kiko Escora

Venue: Utterly Art 208 South Bridge > venue details

Dates: 02 Apr 2004 - 18 Apr 2004

Recently elected to one of the 13 Artist Awards by the Cultural Centre of the Philippines (an important recognition given to the most promising mid-career Filipino visual artists), Kiko Escora will be returning for his second solo painting exhibition in Singapore, Personal Encounters, where he delves into his experiences and paints chance encounters with friends and strangers around him. Some are melancholic images, about people living in a fast paced urban society, how they cope, and the things they discover in the process of coping… and others are undeniably pop in their inspiration, with electric swathes of colour. The range of Kiko’s artistic oeuvre can be observed in this single exhibition, from deft, stylish charcoal imagery, to haunting, tortured figurative paintings, to his more recent commentaries in pop with panache.

Exhibited Works

Sunset Strip


4ft x 4ft
Acrylic on canvas

Air Guitar


4ft x 3ft
Acrylic on canvas


  • Kiko Escora


    Born in 1970 in the Philippines, Kiko Escora is a Thirteen Artist Awardee (2003) of the Cultural Centre of the Philippines and has taken part in various solo and group exhibitions in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia. He has also participated in several art fairs in Singapore, Dubai, Miami, New York, Beijing and Hong Kong.

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