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Passion on the Beach

Exhibiting Artists: Yeo Siak Goon

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 22 Jul 2010 - 01 Aug 2010

Ebb and flow. In and out. A human breathes, and so does the sea. Waves personify the life of the sea in their gentle lapping rhythm, and the nudes of Yeo Siak Goon sit just so amidst a littoral landscape alive with the grit of wet sand, the smell of salt breeze, the taste of seaweed and the roar of the surf. It is this sensual marine environment that stimulates the creative juices of the artist, inspiring him to create balanced compositions of light and accentuating shadows in colours warm and cool, playing with the tangible form amidst negative space. With his visual elements arranged with exquisite poise, the architect of the paintings frames his curvaceous subjects with the linear architecture of kampong huts; he backgrounds the islands and coconut trees of the natural world with the domesticity of pet cats, tables and chairs in the foreground. The bareness of his models also allow them to be one with nature: they melt seamlessly into their surroundings. Occasionally the artist places his form as a discreet observer into the painting, into the very art and environment that he is so passionate about.


  • Yeo Siak Goon


    Yeo Siak Goon 杨昔银 has an enduring fascination for the female form, whether decked in full costume regalia as in his Balinese dancers, or serenely bereft of clothing as in his sensual beachside nudes. Playing extensively with negative space, Siak Goon loves to conceal as much as he reveals, deliberately omitting key portions of his figures for one’s mind to connect limb to torso, and indulge in a game of visual peek-a-boo. Born in 1957, Malaysia, he presently lives and works in Singapo

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