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She Sits Naked by the Seashore

Exhibiting Artists: Yeo Siak Goon

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 24 Sep 2009 - 04 Oct 2009

Sun. Sand. Surf. Sea. The gentle nude figures of Yeo Siak Goon sit serene in sunlight and shadow, half hidden, half revealed by a play of colours over form, tantalizing contours ducking into negative space, demure damsels playing peekaboo with light and shade. Set in his favoured littoral environment, Siak Goon’s models live out their languid days amidst luxuriant vegetation, traditional beachfront architecture, azure skies and turquoise seas. Offered a modicum of modesty by the patchwork patternings of the artist, Siak Goon revels nonetheless in his models’ beautiful yet secretive curves, textures and volumes in these tropical island settings.

Since 1984, Siak Goon has been working on nude portraits in natural surroundings. He has returned to developing this series, and is currently focused on merging the greatness of natural landscapes with Asian women, bringing about the fusion of human and Mother Nature into a new level of aestheticism.


  • Yeo Siak Goon


    Yeo Siak Goon 杨昔银 has an enduring fascination for the female form, whether decked in full costume regalia as in his Balinese dancers, or serenely bereft of clothing as in his sensual beachside nudes. Playing extensively with negative space, Siak Goon loves to conceal as much as he reveals, deliberately omitting key portions of his figures for one’s mind to connect limb to torso, and indulge in a game of visual peek-a-boo. Born in 1957, Malaysia, he presently lives and works in Singapo

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