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Rich Man, Poor Man in GLASS AND BRASS

Exhibiting Artists: Michael Cacnio

Venue: SMU Gallery > venue details

Dates: 05 Jun 2008 - 13 Jun 2008

The anchor show of this year's second Philippine Art Trek in the month of June, GLASS AND BRASS celebrates the mastery of two beloved Philippine sculptors, working a generation apart in their chosen uncommon media. Ramon Orlina has been cutting, grinding and polishing glass into art for the last three decades, carving out largely abstract forms out of blocks of glass using the cold method, while Michael Cacnio uses his nearly twenty years of skilled experience to shape brass sheets and wire into miniature figurative dioramas of Philippine life through cutting and welding.

Michael Cacnio: Rich Man, Poor Man
Cacnio explots the malleability of his material, this time to explore the material needs and desires of his fellow man. Drawing from the inequitibility of our society and its uneven distribution of resources, Cacnio depicts the realities of daily living through the stresses and paradoxes faced by the haves and the have-nots.

Ramon Orlina: Luminosity
Orlina's illustrious 30-year exploration of his beloved glass medium has produced a range of works that push the boundaries of possibility. Focusing on how his forms both catch and expel light, Orlina strives to capture the physical essence of his subject.  


  • Michael Cacnio


    Nearly twenty years in the art scene, TOYM (The Outstanding Young Men) Philippines 2006 awardee Michael Cacnio is considered to be one of the country’s finest brass sculptors today. Since his graduation from Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines in 1991, he has made himself much beloved as a sculptor of the everyday Filipino, depicting children playing traditional games, workers engaged in cheerful and industrious labour, tender scenes between parent and child or people facing the dil

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