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Beyond Comfort Zones

Exhibiting Artists: Jeho Bitancor

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 27 May 2010 - 06 Jun 2010

My occasional visits to New York City, the so-called “Center of the Universe”, were opportunities to widen my “radar”, be it my eyes, ears or camera lens. I did not intend to visit the city for documentation or research purposes; I was merely there as a regular visitor, bumping into interesting scenarios that caught my attention and freezing the moments through my cheap point-and-shoot camera. Hunger and bounty, dignity and degradation, purity and decadence, exaltation and depression, pleasure and suffering are but some of the opposing tendencies being negotiated anew by a populace clinging to the faith that a system (Capitalism) is synonymous with a concept (Democracy).  As an artist eager to poke into the heart of the matter, I am supporting my thesis that powerlessness is never a democratic stance.  Man’s greed may be the culprit but the system that encourages it now deserves a doublethink, if not a realignment of priorities.

For this exhibition, I have adopted a post-modern strategy, a mix-match of resources that blurs the boundary between authorship and appropriation.  Thus, my own photographs are married with images and graphic symbols sourced from the internet, a public domain. The results are compositions filtered through my own sensibility but approximating the look of advertising billboards, graphic design, magazine layouts and illustration.  Even the colors remind me of graffiti and inner city neighborhoods. Still, most of the works are constructed narratives based on my observations of the realities of life as experienced by the majority.  These visual devices are employed not only as an ironic twist but to suggest a sense of place and time, an epoch whereby these tools of marketing have been ingrained into the collective consciousness and now constitute a culture, characteristic of a market economy. More than just critical observations, this latest body of works expresses my sympathy for the afflicted majority whose faith in the “concept” might actually transcend the workings of a “system”.


  • Jeho Bitancor


    Jeho Bitancor is a US-based Filipino artist known for his paintings and performance art works which predominantly express progressive leanings and acute social investigation and critique. He is a Cultural Centre of the Philippines Thirteen Artists Awardee of 2006, who has exhibited extensively in the Philippines, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Trained in the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts (1984-1992), and the New York City Art Student’s League (1

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