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Siksikan (Crowded)

Exhibiting Artists: Reynold Dela Cruz

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 29 Apr 2010 - 09 May 2010

In the daytime, the population of Metro Manila swells to 10 million people which accounts for 13% of the Philippine population, squashed into an area only about the size of Singapore island. People rush in from the provinces in the morning, and endure tedious traffic jams to get home at night. Reynold (Rendy) dela Cruz’s Siksikan (Crowded) series documents the suffocating journeys of longsuffering travelers as they endure the travails of the Philippine public transport system. Packed like sardines, Rendy portrays the harried masses in all their diversity with humour, drama and irony, whether an anonymous cipher in the MRT, or noisy commuters swinging precariously from a jeepney, accompanied by luggage, marketing, pets, toys… and chickens! In two major pieces however, Rendy moves on to different crowds, firstly, huddled neighbours cowering from a typhoon under makeshift scraps in Temporary Shelter, and next, the unbridled joy and hungry anticipation of a family gathering for a feast in Salo Salo. As much as the crowd is part of the Filipino experience, Rendy’s Siksikan series gives us a witty and rambunctious facsimile.


  • Reynold Dela Cruz


    Reynold dela Cruz is a self-taught artist whose choice of career was vindicated when he won Juror’s Choice at the 1998 Philip Morris Philippine Art Awards, which led to him representing the Philippines at the 1998 Asean Art Awards held in Vietnam. Besides the Philippines , he has exhibited in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Vermont , USA, and has featured in a number of SE Asian auctions.

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