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Paglalakbay (To Journey)

Exhibiting Artists: Norman Dreo

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 16 Jul 2008 - 27 Jul 2008

Life is a journey. To journey is to live.

Walking means selling. Walking means earning a living. 

We take a walk to earn our keep. For many people, walking each day to peddle their wares grants them a day's meal for their children. They take to the streets, and narrow alleyways, enter private corridors and neighborhoods to sell or be shooed away. Each day's walk for them is an extension of life. Walking is to continue living in the labyrinth of the streets of life. Survival means taking a walk that seems never to end because life goes on.

One must walk but each walk is one's own journey.

Where does one go? Wherever one's life is. Whatever life one has.

One thing is definite: to cease walking is to cease life. Let us then walk.

Walk with us.


  • Norman Dreo


    Norman Dreo (born 1970) topped the talent test upon entering the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines in the mid-80s. His art has been exhibited extensively in the Philippines, Singapore, Vermont, USA and in Europe. He has won several prizes at the Metrobank National Art Competition, Art Association of the Philippines and Ateneo Art Awards. In 2000, he was awarded Juror’s Choice at the Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards in Singapore and the Philippine

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