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House of God

Exhibiting Artists: Boo Sze Yang

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 03 Oct 2007 - 14 Oct 2007

I have always enjoyed visiting cathedrals and churches whenever I travel to Europe. What strikes me most is the tranquility and inner peace I feel when I step into these spaces, bounded by monumental columns and huge arches. The interior is usually dim and lit naturally by rays of light filtering through the vaults and arched windows. Strangely, the more run-down these cathedrals or churches, the stronger it evokes in me a sense of optimism about life. Maybe ruins are often romanticized to imply decline or decay, but I think the moment we encounter ruins, that is when we may begin to learn to act positively towards life. I think when the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said “A man is a God in ruins”, he meant that man is at his best - even to the extent of sacrificing himself to serve others - when encountering severe tragedy and destruction. In ruins, there is always hope; in ruins, light is aplenty.

House of God is a series of paintings on places of worship, which are executed in a most unflattering manner – paints are applied freely, smudged, smeared, scrubbed, scrabbled and scratched - gestural and chaotic, appearing more like ruins than a faithful glorification of the place. Here, the act of painting is central. The painting process is intensive, spontaneous, precarious, re-active and destructive. The rendered images are gestures of fleeting moments of our perception of reality - illusive and constantly changing.


  • Boo Sze Yang


    Boo Sze Yang was Head of the Department of Fine Art at his alma mater, the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts before turning to practice art full-time in 2009. He received his Master in Arts Degree from Chelsea College of Art & Design, the University of the Arts London and his Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art from
    University of Reading, UK. Boo has held seven solo exhibitions and represented Singapore in numerous group exhibitions in Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and the UK.

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