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Iskul Bukol (School Bruises)

Exhibiting Artists: Jaypee Samson

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 23 Oct 2008 - 02 Nov 2008

Iskul Bukol (School Lumps or Bruises) was a popular Philippine TV show which told the stories of students surviving the travails of Philippine school life. This eponymous exhibition presents a haunting gallery of images: gaunt and pot-bellied school kids set amidst empty and disheveled classrooms. The writings on the walls are scars of war and neglect. Evident in their figures and settings are signs of deprivation: dilapidated arm chairs and empty classrooms; ill-fitting uniforms that seem to be hand-me-downs; rubber sandals instead of the requisite leather shoes; basic texts written on yellowed manila paper at a time where a variety of advanced teaching aids are available to those who can afford it. Samson’s distinct technique of rendering realistic yet distorted figures warns of something amiss and unsettling with the realities reflected in the paintings. As an exhibition, Iskul Bukol logically pursues a social thematic that Jaypee Samson has explored during the past few years: the deteriorating state of the Philippine public school system. The artist has previously exhibited a series of paintings paying tribute to the figure of the Philippine public school teacher: a familiar figure whose quiet sacrifices have been short of heroic in the context of the current economic and political exigencies. Jaypee Samson now casts his attention to the recipients of such imperiled pedagogy in the Philippines: the children whose futures hang by a thread, so to speak.


  • Jaypee Samson


    Jaypee Samson majored in painting at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. Jaypee has upheld the artistic track record set by his elder brothers Jerson and Julio by winning his share of individual distinctions in various Philippine art competitions. He  is a triple Grand Prize awardee in the 2005 Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS) Painting Competition (Student Category), the 2004 Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (Oil-Based Medium on Canvas Category), and the

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