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You Are The Person Who Came From The End Of The World

Exhibiting Artists: Chang Jinchao

Venue: Forth Gallery > venue details

Dates: 02 Jul 2008 - 13 Jul 2008

Shenyang artist Chang Jinchao invites you back into another production of his Theatre of the Absurd entitled You Are The Person Who Came From The End Of The World. In the spirit of Haruki Murakami, Samuel Beckett and Franz Kafka, the various alter-egos of the artist once again threaten the world as he knows it and draws him into a void - a state of suspension which is not possible to breach, but can only be reconciled in his mind and art.

This "other world", as the artist calls it, is dark and inevitable. Its awakening consciousness arises as new people and experiences are encountered and the occasional epiphany is reached. But before new ideas are internalised, our consciousness is trapped in a surreal state. We can deny what we perceive and leave this other world. We can remain in a state of suspended animation. Or, we can marvel, embrace and re-fabricate a new reality.  This artist does.

In his third solo exhibition, Chang Jinchao's once depressive monochromatic figures return with life and energy as they interact with one another and explore each otherÂ’s alter-egos. No longer searching for a writer, they challenge their own existence and reality and fill the void with their own narratives. Despite the nightmarish nature of his work, they have become existentially aware and brightly curious. They postulate that it is up to our selves to create an ethos of personal responsibility, outside of any entrenched belief system.


  • Chang Jinchao


    Chang Jinchao graduated from the LASALLE College of the Arts with a Masters in Fine Art in 2007, where he had previously received a BA in Fine Art (Printmaking) in 2006 and a Diploma in Jewellery in 2005. He has a BA in Design (Visual Communications) from Shenyang University, and has participated in several group shows and won awards in jewellery design, drawing and painting. He participated in the Chinese biennale Get It Louder for young creatives in 2007, which toured Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beij

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