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Temporary Escape

Exhibiting Artists: Fernando Escora

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 26 Feb 2009 - 08 Mar 2009

Imagine you are still a child, living a life without worry. You are free to explore and discover things without considering bigger responsibilities. Spending the day without serious routine and enjoying it to the fullest. All these things are temporary.

When responsibilities arise, we realize that we are grown up. Slowly we see our world composed of many facets to every movement. Our eyes open to the reality of lifeÂ… that life is not easy, unlike when we were a child.

Unexpected complications arise, responsibility becomes apparent. We start to be conscious of being alive. Living, and finally involving ourselves in society. We see things around us, sometimes criticize, react and make a decision.

And sometimes we look for a temporary escape.


  • Fernando Escora


    One of the established contemporary artists in the Philippines, Fernando Escora has been active in exhibitions in Manila and throughout South East Asia.  A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines, Fernando is a full-time artist.  His 4ft x 8ft canvas entitled “Sinking with the Garbage” has been part of the Singapore Art Museum’s collection since 2009.  As one of the forerunners of large-scale drawings in the Philippines, Fernando’s primary medium ha

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