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Bubble Whispers

Exhibiting Artists: Fernando Escora

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 28 Feb 2008 - 09 Mar 2008

We live in a society where politics has become a job and not a responsibility. Where most people aim to work in a government just to have power - power that can be exploited and used for personal interest, power that can make them corrupt, greedy and selfish. It changes people unconsciously into something that we do not expect, a liability to our society. In Bubble Whispers, Fernando Escora in his inimitable pen drawings on canvas uses images like garbage as a symbol of a decaying society, a pig as an allegory of corruption, and a blank speech bubble that speaks of empty promises. 


  • Fernando Escora


    One of the established contemporary artists in the Philippines, Fernando Escora has been active in exhibitions in Manila and throughout South East Asia.  A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines, Fernando is a full-time artist.  His 4ft x 8ft canvas entitled “Sinking with the Garbage” has been part of the Singapore Art Museum’s collection since 2009.  As one of the forerunners of large-scale drawings in the Philippines, Fernando’s primary medium ha

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