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Fish Fond

Exhibiting Artists: Fernando Escora

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 07 Sep 2006 - 17 Sep 2006

Fish are pretty. Fish are captivating. Fish are mesmerizing. We are Fond of Fish. But left to themselves, Fish can Fester. We begin to detectÂ… an odour, a smell. Fish can be, wellÂ…-  Fishy!

In Fish Fond, Filipino artist Fernando Escora uses fish as subtle social commentaries of the rot beneath a manicured facade. The stench that leaks from an opaque bureaucracy, the whiff of scandal in a seemingly quiet neighbourhood: dirty politics, desperate lives. From the cracks in a beautiful shell, a soft, slippery centre reveals itself. Complicit in this ferment, his characters wander with eyes shut in tacit avoidance, or are inscrutably masked, or made up as clowns in a comedic scenario that would be hilarious - if it were not tragic.


  • Fernando Escora


    One of the established contemporary artists in the Philippines, Fernando Escora has been active in exhibitions in Manila and throughout South East Asia.  A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines, Fernando is a full-time artist.  His 4ft x 8ft canvas entitled “Sinking with the Garbage” has been part of the Singapore Art Museum’s collection since 2009.  As one of the forerunners of large-scale drawings in the Philippines, Fernando’s primary medium ha

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