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Exhibiting Artists: Ye Ruoshi 叶若诗

Venue: Utterly Art 208 South Bridge > venue details

Dates: 01 Jul 2004 - 11 Jul 2004

One has heard of Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism and Fauvism - Â…why not Flowerism? This delightful first solo painting show by Ye Ruoshi will be an installation of more than 100 small (1 ft x 1 ft) oil paintings based on (you've guessed it!) flowers! But Ruoshi focuses on close-ups of their central interiors, seeking out the mysteries hidden in their sensual depths, and giving of her own interpretation through expressive distortion and imaginative colouration. In this way, her paintings transcend their floral origins to become gems of vibrant and sensual abstractions, although the effect of stepping directly into a gigantic bouquet when one enters the gallery should not be lost.

Priced at $388 each, this will be a good opportunity for budding art collectors to acquire an original oil painting at very affordable prices. The uniform small size of the paintings has a modularity that may allow collectors to mix and match their personal favourites according to their tastes and budget, and this may encourage painting ownership for first-time buyers.


  • Ye Ruoshi 叶若诗


    Ye Ruoshi 叶若诗 (born 1973) is a Singaporean Artist and an avid Cantonese opera performer. A graduate of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1993, she was an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer before becoming a full-time painter in 2004 with her flower-inspired abstractions (Flowerism series). Her style changed over the years to develop into the 'Hua Dan' series which drew inspiration from her parallel practice in traditional Chinese opera performance and excessive collecti

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