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Space Invaders: Futuristic Incursions

Exhibiting Artists: Chng Seok Tin, Vicente "Tito" Delgado

Venue: Utterly Art 208 South Bridge > venue details

Dates: 30 Mar 2002 - 21 Apr 2002

A print exhibition featuring Chng Seok Tin . Cristene Chang Hoei . Mariano Ching . Poh Ju Yong . She Li Yin . Sio Siew Yuen . Kelvin Tan . Melanie Tan . Tito . Imdiu Wong

Although the title brings to mind lurid science-fictional scenarios and predictions of an apocalyptic future, it can also allude to artists ‘invading’ non-traditional spaces for the sake of exhibiting their art, or conceptual challenges to the hallowed ideals of art creation. Participants in this group show were requested to submit work based on the title of the exhibition, interpreted as they wished but justifiable thematically. With a pall cast by recent events on the international stage and a gloomy economic outlook, is there room for rosy optimism or will a dark foreboding prevail? Between the thematic constraints of the exhibition, the diversity of contributions, and the prevailing uncertainty over our future, we hope a creative frisson is engendered which will result in exciting rejoinders by the printmakers from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Spain.


  • Chng Seok Tin


    Chng Seok Tin did her studies in art in Singapore, UK, France and USA, from 1971 to 1985; she obtained two master degrees from New Mexico State University and The University of Iowa, in USA, majoring in printmaking. She has held 25 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions in Singapore and abroad. She was awarded the Cultural Medallion by the Government of Singapore in 2005.

    Vicente "Tito" Delgado


    Vicente Delgado is Spanish, and lectures at the LaSalle College of the Arts. He has studied in Madrid, Sweden and St. Martin's in London. He has done commissioned work for MTV's reception wall panels in New York, illustration for The Guardian newspaper in London, greeting card designs for Germany, and set designs and commissioned work in Singapore.

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