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Art Talks · Clay Thoughts 画说泥思

Exhibiting Artists: Chua Chon Hee

Venue: Utterly Art 229A South Bridge Road > venue details

Dates: 01 Jun 2011 - 12 Jun 2011

My works have always been based on a common theme to form an entire series; it has also been about the artistic expression of my feelings. The inspirations for my works are usually from a theme that attracts me both as a person and as an artist.

While giving form to the raw material, there is also a direct need to stay truthful to the subject, yet adding new textures and dimensions to it. The textures are tiny recordings of the entire creative process, allowing viewers to take a peek into the creation of the work via the occasional handprint or accidental texturing of the piece. As such, natural cracks and twists of the raw materials are also left in place and incorporated into my works as part of the natural form and as an expression of my life.

I have chosen to use for example rich red clay and to retain a textured feel in this series. I chose also to use the simplest elements of colour and form to express myself.

As an artist, I feel that my pieces of ceramics and paintings are a sign of personal expression. I like plants, nature and life, above all, and they have been a recurrent theme in my works. It is my belief that inspiration comes with the acute observation of everything around us, and when we are attuned to nature, we allow ourselves to be part of it.


  • Chua Chon Hee


    Chua Chon Hee graduated from the Nayang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Western Art in 1980, and with an Advanced Diploma in 1982. She has exhibited extensively with the Nanyang Clay Group and the Printmaking Society (Singapore). Her works can be found at several hotels in Singapore and Myanmar, and at the National University Hospital in Singapore.

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