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Commissioned Projects

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Comissioned Projects

UTTERLY ART has worked on several local and international projects involving art acquisition, consultancy and commissioning for both public institutions and private corporations. We can walk clients through the process of conceptualizing art needs, design and identification of specific pieces, leading to project management, construction and installation of large sculptures and paintings. Our roles include:

- developing art acquisition policies for corporate clients
- developing themes and concepts for specific sites
- identifying tax rebate incentives for clients
- identifying appropriate artists for collection
- working together with artists to develop ideas appropriate for the respective projects, 
  and translating these into three dimensions if necessary
- working together with draughtsmen to produce technical drawings for large-scale art pieces
- identifying contractors who can build, transport and install large three-dimensional works
- assisting in publicity and media relations for public launching of the artworks

More Past Projects

  • Project banner image: Above the Science Hub lobby at the Singapore Science Park, Singapore

    Above the Science Hub lobby at the Singapore Science Park, Singapore

    Vicente "Tito" Delgado
    Utterly Art 20B Mosque Street
    23 Sep 2003 til
    13 Dec 2003


  • Neuros and Immunos buildings at Biopolis Phase II, Singapore

    Kenneth Tan, Vicente "Tito" Delgado, Lee Meiling

    Utterly Art 20B Mosque Street

    10 Apr 2006 - 30 Oct 2006

    Ascendas Plaza forecourt in Shanghai, China

    Kenneth Tan

    Utterly Art 20B Mosque Street

    21 Sep 2005 - 07 Dec 2005

    The International Tech Park at Chennai, India

    Kenneth Tan

    Utterly Art 20B Mosque Street

    15 Mar 2005 - 14 Sep 2005

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